The Nanapai Foundation helps residents of Ngorongoro, Kisongo, Lakes Natron and Eyasi whilst reinforcing their traditional cultural values.

  • Oxfam recently lauded the Masai culture; their ability to raise dairy and beef in desert conditions may well be an agricultural technique that the West will have to learn.
  • The Masai have the lowest Carbon footprint of any group on the planet; recycled materials, organic fertilisers, and a reduced dependency on advanced technology means that their way of life needs encouragement.
  • Tourism. Responsible tourism is no longer a fringe activity; visiting a boma and contributing to a school or borehole project is as natural as buying a ‘Big Issue’ newspaper, and significantly contributes to the local economies.

Globally, NGOs distribute more aid than all of the United Nations (UN) organizations together.

USAID is now much more focused on minimizing terrorism and building sustainable democracies in fragile states.

Source: Buzzard and Webb, 2004, Mechanisms for PVO-NGO Collaboration, USAID.

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Serving Maasai & Hadzabe in Tanzania